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Image by Chris Montgomery

Using Social Network Maps for Online Events

Watch the following video to see how a visually intereresting interactive network map drives engagement and helps your participants get to know each other better. 

Summary/Hints &Tips

  • Map the "Big Picture" long term goals as the "big bubbles" - the main connection points, and the smaller, event-focused short term goals as the color-coded categories.

  • Use the maps as an icebreaker and facilitate a "Get to Know Each Other" welcome discussion. 

  • Use the relationships that come up to put people in smaller groups based on their goals.

  • Have targeted questions prepared based on the potential connections. 

  • During the event, you could change the map categories as a result of an exercise. For example, you dive in a bit deeper into one of the topics and have a "Part 2" map with a different list of categories at the top. 

  • Publish the visualization before the event and send it off with the "Get to Know Your Group" type of email to help them prepare for the event.

  • Send a copy of the map out to the group after the event, encouraging them to follow up with each other and keep the discussions going! 

  • Use the map you've designed and the data you've collected to connect into your larger ecosystem map for your whole organization. Think of these event-based maps as building blocks for a program of ongoing, bigger picture ecosystem mapping - always be communicating! 


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