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High impact short form storytelling

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Looking to Make a Bigger Impact with Your Climate Innovation story? 

Package 1 -The Impact Story

Maximize Your Impact with Feature Video Clips, Interactive Slides and Article 

Your founder story is an inspiring story of innovation, hope and change. Investors and stakeholders want to work with you when they feel they know you, trust you and understand who you are. Leverage your HopeCast interview into a storytelling adventure that grows your impact and influence. 


Want to see samples? Click below to check out our Showcase.

Promotional/Inspiring Clips

  • 10 short video clips (~30-90 secs each)

LinkedIn "Carousel" style PDFs

  • 10 Carousel style PDF's (4-5 interactive slides that tell a short story as they highlight key "quotable" moments of the interview)

Full Video/Audio of Interview

  • Full interview downloadable in .mp4 and .mp3 formats

Impact/Founder Story 

  • A 500-700 word story-focused article for your website or blog

  • Sample/Suggested social media posts & transcripts

Your Founder Story Accelerates Trust

Investors and stakeholders want to work with you when they know you and trust you.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your impact and influence through the power of storytelling.

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