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Publishing your story with high impact, short form content

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Become the Leading Voice in Your Industry

Leverage your interview with engaging short-form videos and supporting content that drives engagement and generates investor and public interest in your story.  Check out our samples below. 

Your Impact Story Package Includes:

Promotional/Inspiring Clips

  • 10 short video clips (~30-90 secs each)

LinkedIn "Carousel" style PDFs

  • 10 Carousel style PDF's (4-5 interactive slides that tell a short story as they highlight key "quotable" moments of the interview)

Full Video/Audio of Interview

  • Full interview downloadable in .mp4 and .mp3 formats

Impact/Founder Story 

  • A 500-700 word story-focused article for your website or blog

  • Sample/Suggested social media posts & transcripts

Short Form Videos

Your Impact Story Package Features 10 Short Story-Focused Video Clips

Carousels/Slide Shows

We find a few 'golden nuggets' - quotes from the interview we find inspiring - and we turn them into short carousel style slide shows. Your Impact Story Package Features 10 Carousel Style slide shows - great for LinkedIn and Twitter! 

Supporting Materials

Your Impact Story Package  includes all the audio/video footage of your interview,  sample/suggested social posts, and a 500-700 word 'highlights' style blog post. All great content for multiple re-use and repurposing by your communications and marketing team! 

Thanks to our podcast guests featured on this page! Your story means a lot to us. 

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