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We are a short form content creation agency focused on developing and sharing stories that will catalzye investment in climate innovators. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze investments in climate innovators through coaching, teaching and developing high-impact founder stories. 


What We Do 
We work with high-potential startup founders to develop their ‘why’ story - an emotionally captivating story that will get investors’ attention, and turn their pitch deck from a mundane investor pitch into an irresistible investment opportunity. 

“Your success raising investment is more than just talking about your business and your technology. 

How you engage investors matters just as much - if you want to make an impact, you have to pay attention to the human side of data.


You have to become a better storyteller.

- Diane Currie Sam, Founder


How We Make a Difference

Climate action means implementing climate solutions - fast and at a global scale.  

And that takes money.

If you have a valuable solution that’s investor ready, we can help you shorten your fundraising cycles, attract the right investors and create that all-important momentum behind you. 

Fine-tune your story.  Hone your pitch.


Get the investment you need to go out and make a difference. 


Interested in knowing more about how to work with the HopeCast team, and how being on our podcast is the start of a storytelling adventure for you and your ideas?  

Check out our demo video, and then apply to be a podcast guest today.  

Ethos of Service
We work with mission-focused startups that are investor-ready and have viable climate solutions that will make an impact. 



Our founder has worked with multiple startups, technology companies and business accelerators throughout her career as a communications professional, storyteller, and educator. 

Focus on Learning & Growth

Our expert interviewers ensure that your HopeCast podcast is an impactful story of growth and change.  Our followup services ensure that impact is sustained.  

High-Touch, High-Quality Service
We meet with all our guests and discuss how fine tuning your story through our HopeCast interview series will help you and your organization super-charge your fundraising and business development efforts. 


"A natural at powerful storytelling. Highly recommended!"

About Your Host

Diane Currie Sam, BSc, MA

Diane Currie Sam is an award-winning writer, educator, and master storyteller from Vancouver, BC. 

A senior communicator with a multi-decade career in corporate communications, counselling and educating, she is known for her passion for understanding, deep listening skills and creative writing work. Her client list includes Foresight Canada Cleantech Accelerator, the Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health, Gener8 Digital Media, Vivendi/Universal.  Her work has been published in leading international publications including Inc. Magazine, National Post, National Observer, Disney Channel, and Up! magazine.  

A natural storyteller, she has also written about, taught and developed programs covering critically important social issues like mental health, sustainability, and the prevention of domestic violence. She has spent decades communicating and teaching at the crossroads of where technology and humanity meet.  

Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Arts in Psychology from Trinity Western University.

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"A natural at powerful storytelling"

Diane's a natural at powerful storytelling, bringing her competence, intention and professional perspective into every aspect of her work.  

Working with Diane at the beginning of my launch saved me lots of mistakes and time.  Highly recommended!

- Dr. Linda Gallaway

"Intuitive, creative and a pleasure to work wIth ..."

Diane is intuitive, creative, and a phenomenal interviewer, writer and instructional designer. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with!

Thank you for your hard work in creating innovative e-learning that enables our client-base of cleantech entrepreneurs and business leaders to have such a meaningful experience. The reviews have been great! -

Amanda Lo,
Foresight Canada

"As for Return on Investment, all I can say is WOW!"

I could talk and she translated what I was saying in to an amazing story that I knew was the answer to my problem.

Diane had not only found the way to tell my story, she had also captured the emotion that I felt. I am now more inspired, more confident and I cannot wait to deliver my presentation.

As for the return on investment, all I can say is WOW! I wish I had met Diane before I put in the 80 hours of work on my pitch! 

- Tammy Sherger,
The Meeting Revolution

Your Startup Needs a Great Story

We have big problems to solve, and you have the solutions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock the power of storytelling to energize your investment pitch.  Get started today!

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